Benefits of Membership

Membership can be either institutional or individual. In both cases, members have some economic advantages which are;

attending conferences and paying the fees with a given discount,

receiving the up-to-date SPACE Newsletters when published,

purchasing publications with a given discount,

purchasing space products with a given discount,

having access to the entire website including e-proceedings with a given discount,

having access to e-journal/s with a given discount,


members have some scientific advantages which are

participating in all SPACE conferences and events,

meeting scholars from a variety of disciplines,

meeting scholars from all over the world,

organising SPACE conferences and events,

being in contact with other researchers to generate new researches,

having priority to be in contact with SPACE in order to publish their research findings.


SPACE has differentiated fees according to types of membership and years selected to be member. Membership registration can be made either via our website or manually. 

Full/Associate *Master’s & PhD Students
1-year membership £40.00 £24.00
5-10 Members from an Institution 11-20 Members from an Institution More than 20 Members from an Institution
1-year membership £32.00 per member £26.00 per member £20.00 per member

*Master’s and PhD Students have 40% discounts for yearly membership. They can renew their membership every year. Stating the documents that show their studentship is required yearly.

Sign Up

Sign up for an individual or institutional membership online by clicking a button below.

Manual Registration

Membership Forms

Please fill the Membership form related to your choice and send it to


Please deposit your Membership Registration fee to the following bank account.  Note that without this guarantee your membership isn’t recognised :

Bank Account Information



Sort Code: 23-05-80

Account No: 28021415


IBAN: GB58 MYMB 2305 8028 0214 15

After payment of registration fees by Bank Transaction you have to send the receipt of the Bank to our e-mail.

Please mention your Name, Surname, SPACE Membership Registration in the explanation part of the Bank Receipt.

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