SPACE International Conference 2018 on Architectural Culture and Society, 14-15 September 2018, London

SPACE International Conference 2018 on Architectural Culture and Society established an ideal platform to discuss the recent advances and research results in the fields of Architectural Culture and Society and all related areas such as political sciences, education, interior architecture, urban design, planning and social sciences.

Although the everyday use of the term ‘culture’ is mostly about the formations of art and literature, it refers to the interactions with each other in a wider sense of a society or a way of life of a social group and encompasses all kinds of possible realities in which human beings exist.

In this context, SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture hosted researchers, policymakers and social partners to share knowledge from their fields of expertise according to the themes of the Conference including architectural theory, architectural history, architecture and daily life, city and urban life, architecture and culture, urban memory, architectural and urban identity, tangible and intangible heritages, re-functioning, space studies in architecture, place attachment, cultural and social sustainability in architecture, social and spatial transformation, gender studies in architecture, public culture and public sphere, and consumption and everyday life, but not limited to.

Thus, “SPACE International Conference 2018 on Architectural Culture and Society” had been a significant platform where culture and society were discussed from different perspectives and research areas.
We would like to express our gratefulness to all members of the Scientific Committee who had provided the scientific quality of this Conference.

We, additionally, would like to thank to all members of the Organisation Committee who had spent heroic effort for the organisation of this event.

Finally, we want to especially thank to our Editor who had striven for the Conference Proceedings.