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Basak Ulukose: Keynote Speaker at SPACE International Conference

SPACE Studies announces Basak Ulukose (Artist, Master Student in Fine Arts, University of the Arts) as the Keynote Speaker of SPACE International Conference 2018 on Architectural Culture and Society which will be held on 14-15 September 2018 in London.

Basak Ulukose is an artist and a photographer currently based in London, England doing her Master in Fine Arts degree at University of the Arts London. Born in Antalya, Turkey in 1981, the artist carries out a multidisciplinary practice and is interested in the rather interpenetrated concepts of construction, de-construction and re-construction, that emerge as skeletal sub- contexts within the domains of her work. Her main interest consists of tendencies; that are mainly imposed social, moral, gender constructivism with reflections on cultural values and belief systems, family structures as well as urban transformations.

Her artistic practice is a research on experimental multidisciplinary presentations of content, in an impressionist interpretive way of their original fragmented nature as intricate networks of events, that is multi layered.

Coming from a literature background with a BA degree in American Culture and Literature, the artist makes use of text in her works and very much interested in the interventions of literary arts in her work as well as philosophy and psychology.

The artist worked and lived in Istanbul and Tokyo before relocating to England, London and created works that were exhibited in cities she was a resident of. Uluköse is now continuing her artistic practice, studies and photography career in London.

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