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Welcome to Academic ARCH!

Welcome to Academic ARCH, our brand-new blog! At SPACE Studies, we’re passionate about breaking down silos. We believe that architecture, urban planning, sociology, psychology, the arts, and engineering – all these fields intersect to create the vibrant tapestry of our world.

This multidisciplinary approach is at the heart of everything we do. Explore our publications, research projects, and conferences, such as “Cities Architecture and Cinema” or “Gender Space and Architecture,” to see this philosophy in action.

Through Academic ARCH, we aim to spark even more dynamic discussions. Expect thought-provoking articles, cutting-edge research, and conversations that explore the connections between seemingly disparate fields. From the impact of art on public spaces to the psychology of design, no topic is off-limits!

SPACE Studies is more than a platform – it’s a thriving community of innovators. Academics, students, architects, or anyone with a curious mind – your unique perspective is valued here. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of exploring the vast potential of multidisciplinary connections.

Discover a wealth of information on our website and delve into Academic ARCH. Share your insights, engage in the conversation, and help us unlock the boundless possibilities of collaboration.

Joining SPACE Studies means joining a thriving community. Enjoy exclusive resources, discounts, and a growing professional network. Plus, get involved in our publications and projects to help shape the future of multidisciplinary studies. Follow us on social media and embark on this journey with us today!

Welcome to Academic ARCH, where every discipline contributes to the advancement of architecture and urban design. Let’s create a remarkable journey together!


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