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Call for Papers: 2021 International Conferences


SPACE Studies calls for papers for the International Conferences they will be organising in 2021. As the Platform announced earlier this month, the conferences will be on Architectural Design and Theory, on Arts, Design and Architecture, on Computer Aided Design in Architecture and Urban Planning, on Sustainable Architecture, Planning and Urban Design, on Architecture, Building and Construction, on Architecture and Design Education, on Gender, Space and Architecture, on Refugee Crisis, Architecture and Urbanism, on City Planning and Urban Design, on Cities, Architecture and Cinema, on Architectural Culture and Society, on Architecture and Literature, Architectural History and Theory, on Architectural Conservation and Restoration and on Housing.



The Platform states that they haven’t released any information about the venue of the conferences as they haven’t decided whether to organise them on site or online but assured that they are following the conditions about COVID-19 closely and the decisions will be taken prior to the conferences.


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