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Call for Papers: SPACE International Conference 2018 on Housing

SPACE Studies calls for papers for SPACE International Conference 2018 on Housing which will be held on 19-20 October 2018 in London and hopes that the conference will be an ideal platform to discuss the recent advances and research results in the fields of Housing and all related areas such as architecture, policy studies, education, interior architecture, urban studies, social sciences, engineering etc.

SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture invites researchers, policymakers and social partners to share knowledge from their fields of expertise according to the themes of the Conference which include, but are not limited to: housing, housing design, housing policy, housing policy implications, financing, housing ownership structures, affordable housing, social housing, housing management, civic participation and governance, gated communities, housing construction, squatters / slums, housing and sustainable development, regeneration of residential areas, politics, social change and housing, transformation of residential areas, new ideas in housing design, equality, inequality and housing, social policy and housing, housing and instruments of NGOs, globalisation and housing, race, gender, ethnicity and housing issues, industry, economy and housing, and housing needs of immigrants and refugees.

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