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Keynote for SPACE International Conference 2019 on Housing: Cynthia Musafili Wright

SPACE Studies announces Cynthia Musafili Wright (Co-Founder | Director Public Relations of Building Communities Initiatives (BCI)) as their Keynote Speaker at SPACE International Conference 2019 on Housing which will be held on 29 November – 1 December 2019 in London.

Cynthia is the Co-Founder | Director Public Relations of Building Communities Initiatives (BCI). Cynthia is a Global Purpose Leader, Global Speaker, Author, Philanthropist, Social Care organisational strategist, Aged Care Consultant, founder of capacity building social enterprise Regions International and currently the 2019 & 2020 Australia Day Ambassador, Female Wave of Change Australia Ambassador, and Innovate Africa Australia Country leader.

Cynthia’s passion in social care has seen her develop community engagement welfare programs in Australia and Africa. She is currently the Zambian Aged Care Ambassador, a member of the Australian Institute of Company directors and TedxPerth Partnerships Manager.
Our purpose in life is to help others. Affordable Housing solutions through innovative design and engineering is vital for global economic growth especially in emerging nations. We cannot limit our ability to create beautiful spaces by using limiting practices. We build self-sustaining communities to bring back the pride for human existence.” (Cynthia Musafili Wright)

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