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Keynote Speech at SPACE International Conference 2022 on City Planning and Urban Design from Petra Perolini

We are happy to announce that Petra Perolini, PhD (Program Director of the Bachelor of Design, the Major Convenor of Spatial and Interior Design & the Creative Director of LiveSpace, Griffith University) will deliver a keynote speech entitled “Beyond the Housing Crisis: rethinking Australia’s housing system after Covid”.

“We live in times of ecological, geopolitical, and socioeconomic uncertainty. Escalating effects of climate change, natural and anthropocentric disasters, population growth, uncontrolled urbanisation, environmental degradation, conflict and displacement, growing economic disparity, and a global pandemic have created conditions of vulnerability for millions of people around the globe. Australia is not immune to these issues as a nation undergoing rapid development. My keynote will discuss an ongoing research project that examines existing Australian Planning approaches and suggests design responses needed to meet the challenges and opportunities faced by shifting socio-spatial patterns and tailoring approaches to specific regional circumstances in Australia.”

Petra is the Program Director of the Bachelor of Design, the Major Convenor of Spatial and Interior Design and the Creative Director of LiveSpace at Griffith University, Brisbane Australia. Petra has been an Interior Architect and Urban Designer for twenty years in Australia and Europe before accepting an academic role at Griffith University.

Petra’s research and scholarship focus on a new practice, encompassing interdisciplinary design to push design thinking beyond current practice. She has worked on a number of projects which support social inclusion and community housing. Her projects respond to present and future needs in progressive ways, addressing current and pressing social and environmental issues affecting city living globally. Some recent projects include authenticity and gentrification, social and spatial injustice and social exclusion and fragmentation.

We look forward to listening to her at the conference!

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