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Meet our Keynote Speaker for SPACE International Conference 2024 on City Planning and Urban Design!

We are thrilled to introduce Mehmet Kalyoncu, a distinguished architect, dedicated NGO volunteer, successful businessperson, innovative entrepreneur, and accomplished composer, as our esteemed keynote speaker for the SPACE International Conference 2024. His extensive experience as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors at Kalyon Foundation, Founder & Member of the Board of Trustees of the Turkiye Design Council, and Board Member of iGA Istanbul Airport underscores his profound understanding of city planning and urban design. 

Post-Disaster Development in Hatay, Turkiye: Pathways to Resilience and Recovery

Mr Kalyoncu’s keynote speech will provide a unique perspective on the challenges and strategies of post-disaster urban development, with a specific focus on the recent earthquake in Hatay, Turkiye. His comprehensive analysis of the disaster’s impact and the subsequent recovery efforts, coupled with his multidisciplinary approach, will offer invaluable insights for policymakers, practitioners, and researchers in the field of city planning and urban design.

Expect to uncover the significance of integrating local knowledge, encouraging community participation, and implementing adaptive governance to enhance urban resilience. His findings on resource allocation challenges, stakeholder coordination, and support for vulnerable populations will offer a critical perspective on disaster recovery. Concluding with actionable recommendations, this keynote speech promises to enrich our understanding and approach to post-disaster development, offering valuable lessons for policymakers, practitioners, and researchers alike.
Take advantage of this opportunity to join us at the SPACE International Conference 2024 for a dialogue on shaping resilient and sustainable urban futures.

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