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Proceedings – SPACE International Conference 2019 on Housing

Proceedings – SPACE International Conference 2019 on Housing

Format: Paperback / 128 pages

Dimensions: A4 Size

Publication Date: November 2019

Publisher: SPACE Studies Publications

Publication City / Country: London, United Kingdom

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-9162841-2-8




Building Communities Initiative (BCI) – Cynthia Musafili Wright 

Research on Residential Space Design Based on Shared Housing – Foyuan Li, Jian Dai 

Conceptual Proceeding: From Theory to Practice: New Design Practices in Residential Buildings – Andrea Jany, Irıs Reuther 

Flexibility Analysis of Tiny Houses – Lidiana Maria Batista, Hugo Farias, Joao Branco Pedro 

Spatial Development of Riga 21st Century Residential Environment – Santa Freimane 

When Two Worlds Collide: Reflections on Informally Occupied Inner-City Buildings and How They Could Become Catalysts for Inclusive Housing in Johannesburg, South Africa – Afua Wilcox, Amira Osman 

The Effects of Changing Housing Policies on Urban Space and Housing Problem in Turkey – Cansu Korkmaz, H. Filiz Alkan Meshur 

Sustainable Development: A Pilot Study Regarding Factors Considered on Low-Cost Health Housing in Jakarta, Indonesia – Bambang Purwoko Kusumo Bintoro, Tri Susanto, Eli Jamilah Mihardja, Mirsa Diah Novianti, Jouvan Chandra Pratama Putra

Study of Significant Factors in Low-Cost and Healthy Housing – Jouvan Chandra Pramata Putra, Bambang Purwoko Kusumo Bintoro, Tri Susanto, Eli Jamilah Mihardja, Mirsa Diah Novianti 

Recognition of The Appropriation of Space as a Right to the City in Algeria: Informal Self-Construction, From Demolition to Regularization, What Role for Civil Society? – Imane Hamdi, Meriem Chabou-Othmani 

Impact of Globalisation on Housing and Its Inhabitants – Harshita Deo 

Enhancing Rental Housing Provision for Indian Cities, A Case of Bhopal City in India – Arti Jaiswal, Anjali Gupta, Jayshri Gautam 

The Origins of Kitchen Office Space and Its Reflections on Modern Turkish Housing – Canay Tuncer Yildirim, Ahsen Ozsoy 

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