SPACE IN PANDEMIC: The Use of Indoor & Outdoor Space During the Lockdown in Pandemic

This one-year project is funded by FMV ISIK University is conducted together with SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture. The aim of the study is to understand the transformation of the space by examining its usage practices during the pandemic process in terms of users’ perceptions and relationships with each other. The study covers the individual’s living space and its immediate surroundings. The immediate surroundings are defined as semi-public spaces (such as balcony, garden etc.) and public spaces close to the individual’s houses.

As part of the research project, international workshops and seminars will be held. The use of space and the domestic spatial problems and solutions that arose during the pandemic will be investigated in the workshops. The workshops will analyse our spaces beyond physical boundaries and reconsider our living environments both in and outside. The seminars will be prepared and delivered by experts from various disciplines. For the workshops and seminars please check SPACE Joint Events or the project’s website.

Lead Researchers

Dr Elif Suyuk Makakli

Dr Pinar Engincan


Dr Nuran Zeren Gulersoy

Dr Ahsen Ozsoy

Dr Gulay Kepsutlu

Dicle Zeylan

Research Assistants

Ebru Yucesan

Ozge Celik Yilmaz

Betul Ozar

Research Project website