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SPACE Studies announces 2021 International Conferences

SPACE Studies announces fifteen international conferences to be organised in 2021. While the 4th of the conferences on Sustainable Architecture, Planning and Urban Design, on Architectural Culture and Society and on Housing will be calling for papers, the 3rd of the conferences on Architectural History and Theory, on City Planning and Urban Design and on Building and Construction will be actualising. The platform continues to announce its conferences annually, however there had been a change in the name of the conference on Building and Construction and SPACE Studies informs that the 3rd of this conference is being announced as Architecture, Building and Construction.

The conferences on Gender, Space and Architecture, on Architecture and Literature, on Refugee Crisis, Architecture and Urbanism and on Cities, Architecture and Cinema will be held second time.

The conferences on Architectural Design and Theory, on Arts, Design and Architecture, on Computer Aided Design in Architecture and Urban Planning, on Architecture and Design Education and on Architectural Conservation and Restoration will call for papers for the fist time.

SPACE Studies believes that they covered main studying subjects of architecture, planning and urban design within interdisciplinary areas so far. The Platform states that they will keep announcing these conferences annually but will try to develop them in the following years even for a better quality and except collaborative conferences the platform may have in the future with other institutions, SPACE Studies plans not to add any other conferences to their list. The International Conferences Organisation Team reports that all the conferences will be ready for call for papers by the end of June 2020.

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