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SPACE Studies creates a fundraiser to support MA and PhD students

COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected a significant proportion of international contributions in the conferences. The opportunity of engaging younger generations, specifically the MA/PhD students or early-career researchers, by submitting papers or posters has decreased with an unprecedented scale. The point is more intense in some non-European countries such as the Middle East. The reason is that many universities in non-European countries do not fully approve the online conferences and thus refuse to support the students financially. In short, the financial crisis in the pandemic world, on the one hand, and the lack of sufficient support by many universities/research organisations, on the other hand, has resulted in the drastic fall in the number of paper/poster submissions in SPACE online conferences.

To move towards a proactive approach to encourage more participation, SPACE has omitted all benefits, minimised the registration fees for conferences, and added the possible discounts wherever possible for authors with particular circumstances. Within a moral discipline to respect authors’ dignity with financial difficulties, particularly in the COVID-19 world, all these actions were discreetly done and not publicly announced on its website. Besides, these sets of steps should only suffice to cover all the required fees through a more robust international breakthrough, such as the support of sponsors or donors.

So, now SPACE Studies asks for your help to support MA and PhD students.

All donations will be used to support MA and PhD students to cover their registration fees and cover the paper publication fees, including expenses such as proofreading and editing services for publication in all SPACE conferences (online and on-site) and the Platform’s events.

As a gesture of appreciation to donors:

1) £20 earns you a one-year membership
2) £50 gets you a voucher worth £20 to be used on our online shop plus a one-year membership
3) £100 earns you a voucher worth £40 to be used on our online shop plus a two-year membership
4) £500 gets you a voucher worth £200 to be used on our online shop plus a five-year membership

As a final word, the success in reaching the climax amount in fundraising would be SPACE’s most outstanding achievement in the pathway of accomplishing equity, particularly for those with exceptional financial circumstances and for those whose countries do not support academic events economically, especially conferences either online or on-site.

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