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SPACE Studies Develops Its First Partnership for Collaborative Work

SPACE Studies announces that they develop their first partnership with Oakthorpe Turkish School known as OTS Education as they have been building trust in the community since the Platform was established. As a beginning the partnership will conduct workshops with students of the school about sustainability.

The Platform states that this Partnership has a great potential to reach not only the School’s students but also the community around the School. Thus, the parts have agreed on starting with the workshops which matches the initial plan collaboratively and develop additional social projects for the community. 

Oakthorpe Turkish School (OTS) is a ‘Not for Profit Community based organisation, fully committed to teaching Turkish language and culture to Turkish speaking families at all levels living in the United Kingdom, based in London. OTS is a multi-Award Winning charitable organisation, established in 1996 by a former Local Education Authority School Governor based at the same school since 1993. It’s was initially formed to give after school further educational support to help raise educational achievements in compulsory education years amongst the unsatisfactory achievements in the Turkish speaking children and pupils. Since OTS was formed it has been guiding them to be more Confident, to Integrate, more Tolerant, and to make them aware the importance in being successful in educational study towards a brighter future, locally, nationally and internationally.

OTS has represented England and disadvantaged communities: locally, nationally and internationally, with the aim of making various governmental departments and agencies to be more engaging and supportive at grassroots level. We are working with various groups to make disadvantaged individuals and communities to be more knowledgeable towards a safer and sustainable environment now and in the future. Currently OTS is now engaging with many other disadvantaged groups and ethnic communities in the following recently fulfilled and current projects:

  • Mainstream Education
  • Supplementary Education
  • Further Education: Colleges and in to Universities
  • Public Health Awareness with Local Authorities and Health Services
  • Interfaith events
  • Museum’s Engagement
  • Employment Advice, Training and Business set up
  • Micro Business Support and Guidance
  • Advisory Service and Sign Posting
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Waste Recycling


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