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Unlocking Academic Research: SPACE International Conferences’ Archives

As SPACE Studies, the only Independent Academic Platform, we are pleased to introduce an exciting chapter in our academic journey as we initiate the endeavour to archive and share recorded presentations from our past SPACE International Conferences dedicated to the fields of architecture, urban design, and interdisciplinary studies!

This monumental step enables us to amplify the reach of cutting-edge research and knowledge dissemination in these dynamic domains, elevating our commitment to academic excellence.

Our video repository, commencing with the April 2021 Conferences, unveils profound research and scholarly insights presented by scholars, researchers, and interdisciplinary academics from around the globe.

The very first presentation we’re excited to share belongs to Des Fagan, Head of Architecture at Lancaster University, UK. The presentation is titled ‘The Hybrid High Street Retail Store – An Optimisation Method for Retail Store Conversion to Community Use.’

You can delve into this enlightening presentation by Des Fagan and read the full article by following this link: Read Article

To watch this video and the upcoming ones, visit our YouTube channel

Keep following us for the latest updates as we continue to share valuable insights, broadening your knowledge of architecture, urban design, and interdisciplinary studies.

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