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Updates for the SPACE International Conferences November 2023!

Updates for the SPACE International Conferences November 2023! 🌐

Keynote Speakers

As we gear up for the SPACE International Conferences, here is a friendly reminder about our stellar keynote speakers, re-listed here. These experts, previously announced, are set to inspire and enrich our discussions. Get ready for an unparalleled experience!

Sengul Oymen Gur (PhD, Professor, Department of Architecture, Beykent University, Turkey)

Naeem Abrar (PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher Arq. ID (Centre for Studies in Architecture, Research and Development), University of Lusofona Lisbon, Portugal)

Sedef Ozcelik, (PhD, Assistant Professor in Architectural Design, Gebze Technical University)

Hourakhsh A. Nia (PhD, Department of Architecture, Alanya HEP University & Editor-In-Chief of International Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs (IJCUA)

Accepted Papers Unveiled:

The anticipation is over! Explore the list of accepted papers and check the programme for the sessions and minutes!

Call for Listeners:

Are you passionate about architecture and related areas? Join us as a listener and be part of the global conversation! Register now for the SPACE International Conferences to gain access to cutting-edge research and connect with experts.

Save the Dates: 23-24 November 2023

Register Now: (40% Discounted Tickets are available on Eventbrite) – Don’t forget to Follow Us for Updates and share our content! Please help us spread the word!


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