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WAAR, Beirut and Architecturally Inspired Fashion

Embark on a unique journey with Chadi Chamoun’s (PhD, Dean, College of Design, American University in Emirates, Dubai) presentation, “WAAR, Beirut and Architecturally Inspired Fashion,” now live on our YouTube channel!

Abstract Insight:

Discover the powerful message behind “We Are All Refugees” (WAAR), a collection inspired by global displacement. Chadi Chamoun creatively addresses the refugee crisis through a micro-architecture design—a lady’s clutch. Join the conversation as he draws attention to the impact of displacement and the shared identity of being refugees.

Design as Expression:

Explore the intricate designs influenced by urban textures and morphologies, reflecting the interconnectedness of architecture and fashion. The WAAR clutch becomes a symbol not only of necessity but also of awareness, aiming to unite local and international communities in support of the refugee cause.

Engage and Amplify:

Dive into the dialogue! Share your thoughts in the comments, and let’s amplify awareness about the refugee crisis through the lens of architecture and architecturally inspired fashion. Your voice adds depth to the conversation.

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