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Workshop – Passing the Bridges: A Journey Through Architecture and Psychology

Join us for a one-of-a-kind workshop that blends the beauty of architecture with the depth of psychology. Walk with us, as we explore the iconic Tower Bridge and unravel the profound meaning of passing bridges in both realms.


Date: 20 December 2023

Meeting point: Tower Hill Underground Station

Meeting time: 11:45 am

Workshop Time: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm


What’s in Store:

– Guided tour through Tower Bridge with breathtaking views of other London bridges.

– Architectural insights and storytelling by Dr Pinar Engincan.

– Psychological exploration of crossing bridges with @Guniz Kocakaya.

– Engaging discussions blending urban structures with the human psyche.

– Detailed presentations and chat in a charming café setting.

Why Attend:

– Discover the symbolic richness of London’s bridges.

– Gain dual perspectives on bridges: architectural and psychological.

– Connect with a community interested in personal growth and urban exploration.

– Enjoy a delightful mix of learning, reflection, and networking.

You can check the details of the workshop here and book your ticket as well!

Limited spots available! Secure your spot now!

Don’t miss the chance to traverse bridges both physically and metaphorically. Join us for an enlightening journey of “Passing the Bridges”!

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