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April 2022 in SPACE Studies




April in SPACE Studies: we are open for submissions!

SPACE International Conferences gets a fresh start after lockdowns with four upcoming conferences.

We invite researchers, policymakers and social partners, students, engineers and all manner of professionals to share their knowledge of their fields of expertise.

Sustainable Architecture Planning and Urban Design” 22-23 April 2022

Architecture, Building and Construction” on 22-23 April 2022.

Architecture and Design Education” on 22-23 April 2022

Visualisation in Architecture and Urban Planning” on 22-23 April 2022

Submission details:

Abstract Submission Deadline: 4 April 2002

Abstract Submission Deadline for Oral/Poster Presentation: 16 April 2022

Full-Paper Submission Deadline: 16 April 2022

Late Registration Deadline: 16 April 2022

Presentation Submission Deadline (For Virtual Presentation Category): 19 April 2022

Conference Dates: 22-23 April 2022

Venue: Docklands Academy (11 Selsdon Way, City Harbour, London E14 9GL United Kingdom)

Submissions and Registration:

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