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Architectural Intersections: Bridging Disciplines Episode 1: Introduction

Although we have covered the significance of interdisciplinary studies in one of our previous posts, “Interdisciplinary Influence on Architectural Design: Enriching Spaces with Diverse Perspectives,” we wanted to focus on the intersection of architecture and other fields one at a time and in detail. By exploring these intersections, we believe we can uncover new perspectives and nurture innovative design thinking, which will also highlight the multifaceted nature of architectural practice. This idea and the excitement of investigating interdisciplinary studies in architecture led us to create this series on architectural intersections.

So, this very first episode of the series is about the vision behind the series, its aim, which disciplines and their relationships with architecture will be covered throughout the series, and what might be included within the series. We will try to leave no stone unturned in our aim of understanding the intersections of architecture with various fields.

The Vision Behind the Series

As apparent, architecture is not isolated as a discipline; thus, it has deep connections with various fields, such as art, cultural studies, engineering, environmental science, psychology, sociology, gender studies, and more. All these interdisciplinary connections and interactions enhance the depth and breadth of architectural practice and research and provide a holistic design approach. Focusing on these connections and examining them will allow us to enrich our understanding and approach to the process of creating a built environment.

In this way, we will be able to consider holistic design and its understanding of the multiple dimensions of human experience, as design itself is neither just about aesthetics nor functional aspects of a building—at least, not anymore. It is about an interdisciplinary mindset that considers cultural aspects, environmental footprint and social implications.

Aim of the Series

In this series, we have a set of aims, all of which are related to one another, and we tried to list and explain them briefly.

  • Expanding Horizons: Breaking down the traditional boundaries of architectural design and examining the intersections of architecture with other disciplines will broaden the horizons of architectural research and practice and integrate diverse perspectives into architectural design.
  • Enriching Architectural Practice and Research: Integrating insights from different fields will enhance the understanding of architecture and the creation of architectural solutions, which will be more comprehensive and innovative.
  • Promoting Holistic Design: By taking a holistic approach to design, architects can create meaningful and sustainable spaces.
  • Fostering Collaboration: When discussing interdisciplinary intersections of architecture, we are actually highlighting the collaborative research and practice between architects and professionals of other fields. Interdisciplinary work requires open communication, mutual respect, and a willingness to learn from one another to be effective. If these collaborative relationships could be fostered, the strengths of each discipline would be leveraged to address complex challenges.
  • Responding to Contemporary Challenges: Today, architects face more complex challenges than ever, as multifaceted solutions are required. Climate change, urbanisation, and social inequality (just to name a few of them) are issues we try to deal with on a daily basis, all of which demand an interdisciplinary approach. Understanding how different disciplines intersect with architecture will enable us to develop strategies to tackle the needs of the rapidly changing world.
  • Inspiring Future Generations: We hope to inspire young architects and architecture students, encourage them to think beyond traditional boundaries, look for collaborative opportunities and help them develop an interdisciplinary mindset.


Series at a Glance

As mentioned earlier, we will explore the intersections of architecture with various disciplines. We listed those that have deep relationships with architecture which we will be covering throughout the series. The list presents the fields that come to mind initially but might not be limited to and are not listed orderly.

    • Architecture & Art
    • Architecture & Cultural Studies
    • Architecture & Gender Studies
    • Architecture & Environmental Science
    • Architecture & Technology
    • Architecture & Psychology
    • Architecture & Urban Design
    • Architecture & Sociology
    • Architecture & History
    • Architecture & Economics
    • Architecture & Engineering
    • Architecture & City Planning
    • Architecture & Interior Design
    • Architecture & Refugee Studies


    Delivery of the Series

    To comprehensively explore these interdisciplinary intersections, our series will utilise various methods of content delivery, such as interviews with experts from different fields, literature reviews, presenting case studies and research projects, real-world applications, guest articles and multimedia content.

    Join the Conversation

    We invite you to join us on this journey of exploration and discovery. Each episode will delve deeper into specific intersections, providing valuable insights and encouraging critical thinking about the role of architecture in our world. We welcome your comments and thoughts on the topics discussed. If there are fields or perspectives you believe we’ve overlooked, or if you have experiences and ideas about interdisciplinary studies, we encourage you to share them with us. Your input will help enrich our exploration and ensure a comprehensive discussion.

    Stay tuned for our first installment, where we will explore the intricate relationship between architecture and art. We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you!


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