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Call for Papers: SPACE International Conference 2024 on City Planning and Urban Design

Join us at the 6th SPACE International Conference on City Planning and Urban Design, scheduled for July 11th-12th, 2024!

Theme: “Crafting Vibrant Spaces: Placemaking Strategies in the Built Environment”

Our conference theme seeks to engage scholars, urban planners, architects, and researchers in an academic exploration of placemaking strategies that enrich the fabric of urban environments. From community-driven initiatives to innovative technological interventions, we aim to advance scholarly discourse on the nuanced intersections of art, science, and social dynamics within urban design.

Call for Papers:

We invite contributions that critically examine various dimensions of placemaking, including but not limited to:

Community-Driven Placemaking: Analyzing collaborative initiatives and their impact on public spaces.

Innovations in Public Spaces: Exploring avant-garde design solutions and sustainable methodologies.

Cultural Placemaking: Investigating the integration of cultural identity into urban landscapes.

Green Urbanism and Sustainable Design: Proposing methodologies for environmentally conscious urban planning.

The Role of Technology in Placemaking: Assessing the transformative potential of technology in urban design.

Equitable and Inclusive Placemaking: Addressing societal inequities through inclusive design strategies.

Arts and Placemaking: Exploring the role of public art in enriching urban spaces.

Submit your abstracts to contribute to this scholarly dialogue and shape the future of urban environments. For more information, please visit our conference webpage.

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