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Call for Papers: SPACE International Conference 2024 on Sustainable Architecture, Planning and Urban Design

The 7th SPACE International Conference on Sustainable Architecture, Planning, and Urban Design invites scholars, researchers, and practitioners to contribute to scholarly discourse under the theme, “Metamorphosis of the Urban Fabric: Crafting Sustainable Futures in the Aftermath of Climate Disturbances.”

🔍 Key Areas of Focus:

1️. Adaptive Urban Morphologies:

– Theoretical frameworks for resilient urban design.

– Flexibility in urban structures.

– Critical assessments of successful adaptive cities.

2️. Sustainable Energy Integration:

– Designing sustainable energy systems.

– Innovations in off-grid solutions.

– Case studies of renewable energy integration.

3. Ecological Restoration in Urban Contexts:

– Sustainable landscaping and green infrastructure.

– Urban rewilding for ecosystem rebuilding.

– Nature-based solutions in urban planning.

4️. Community-Driven Resilience Strategies:

– Engaging communities in sustainable reconstruction.

– Inclusive planning for community well-being.

– Community-led initiatives for sustainable urban living.

5️. Hydrological Considerations in Urban Design:

– Water-sensitive urban design exploration.

– Sustainable water management practices.

– Practical applications of water-sensitive design.

Participate in the scholarly exploration of the evolving urban fabric post-climate disturbances. Share your expertise across architecture, planning, urban design, engineering, education, and social sciences.

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Embark on an interdisciplinary dialogue and contribute to the crafting of sustainable futures.


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