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COVID-19 Update for SPACE International Conferences

SPACE Studies informs that the International Conferences which were supposed to be held in April 2020 has been postponed due to the latest developments about the pandemic. SPACE International Conferences Organisation Team reached to the participants of its conferences with the following email:

Dear Colleague,

We, SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture with great sadness of the situation with COVID-19, must announce that our International Conferences 2020 on Sustainable Architecture, Planning and Urban Design and on Building and Construction in London (3-4 April 2020) has been postponed to 25-26th September 2020. As you will appreciate, this has been the most difficult decision made after following the developments with deep concern both internationally and in the United Kingdom. 

Putting on a fantastic conference is our strongest desire and we know that you all have been working hard on your papers and researches in order to attend our Conferences. However, we believe you grant us right that we are unable to host an international event especially at a time when clear risks to the health and well-being of our valued members, delegates and support staff can be seen. We are also aware of our responsibility towards the health and safety of our valued guests and partners as well as our responsibility on reducing and/or avoiding the risks of spreading coronavirus.

Thank you for your understanding and continuing support at this globally challenging time. We hope to stay in touch and meet you all in September, 2020.

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