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International Advisory Board Instead of Separate Scientific Committees for All SPACE Academic Activities

SPACEĀ  Independent Academic Platform announces that they will have a Board which will be international and active in advising for decision making not only for the conferences they organise but also for all the academic activities they plan to conduct including workshops, seminars, lectures, and research projects.

As known, the Platform organised three international conferences in 2018 and all the conferences had separate committees for scientific purposes which also has done the reviews of the papers submitted. With the decision of having a Board, the Platform is differentiating the roles of the Board Members from the Reviewers. Beginning from 2019, while the Board will be taking decisions about the academic content, the reviewers will be evaluating the papers for the conferences. Thus, SPACE Studies is happy to inform that initial invitations for theĀ  Board have already started to be sent and it is underlined that they are keen on having members from different countries and universities and with a wide range of studying areas in and/or related to architecture, planning and urban design. The list of the Members of the Board will be able to followed via their website soon.

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