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Introducing the SPACE International Conferences 2024 with engaging themes

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We are delighted to announce the SPACE International Conferences 2024, distinguished by their profound themes and a scholarly invitation to contribute:

SPACE International Conference 2024 on Sustainable Architecture, Planning and Urban Design:

“Metamorphosis of the Urban Fabric: Crafting Sustainable Futures in the Aftermath of Climate Disturbances”

SPACE International Conference 2024 on City Planning and Urban Design:

“Crafting Vibrant Spaces: Placemaking Strategies in the Built Environment”

SPACE International Conference 2024 on Architectural Culture and Society:

“Rethinking Spaces: Exploring Radical Practices, Narratives, and Pedagogies in Architectural Culture and Society”

SPACE International Conference 2024 on Housing:

“Reimagining Homes and Communities: Framing Political, Economic, Social Challenges and Inequalities”

Call for Papers Now Open!

Mark your calendars and engage in the scholarly discourse, unravelling the intricacies of these conferences and offering profound insights into the future of our built environment. Stay tuned for forthcoming details, distinguished speakers, and intellectually stimulating discussions!


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