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Join us for an Insightful Panel Discussion on the Aftermath of the Devastating Earthquake in Turkey and its Profound Impact on Architectural Education and Practices. Don’t miss out!

Join us for an insightful panel discussion on the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and its profound impact on architectural education and practices. Don’t miss out!

Date: 18th May
Time: 04:20 PM

Title: “Three Months after the Earthquake: Architectural Practices and Discussions of a Tragedy/so-called recovery”

Details: Our esteemed panel of experts will delve into the long and short-term effects of the earthquake, exploring its implications on architectural education and practices. Gain valuable insights and engage in meaningful discussions on the road to recovery.

Today Mark your calendars and join us for this enlightening session! Stay tuned for updates and remember to use the hashtag #SpaceStudiesPanel to join the conversation.

#EarthquakeAftermath #ArchitecturalEducation #RecoveryJourney #PanelDiscussion

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