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Meet our Keynote Speaker on Sustainability at the upcoming Conference: Dr Michelle Sanchez Brajkovic

We are thrilled to announce Michelle Sánchez Brajkovic, Sustainability Lead at RSHP, as one of our esteemed keynote speakers for the SPACE International Conferences 2024 on Sustainable Architecture, Planning, and Urban Design, which will be held on the 13th & 14th of June, in London and online. 

Her keynote lecture, titled “The Industry’s Tunnel Vision on Carbon – How To Address Sustainability Holistically?” promises a thought-provoking exploration of sustainability beyond traditional metrics.

Dr Brajkovic will delve into the concept of sustainability as more than just environmental impact, emphasising the importance of considering economic and social factors. She will challenge the construction industry’s focus on carbon emissions, urging a more holistic approach to sustainability.

Join us as Michelle Sanchez Brajkovic shares exemplary work and insights on how to address sustainability in its entirety. Stay tuned for more updates on our conference line-up!

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