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SPACE International Conferences in 2022

As SPACE Studies, we call for papers for our International Conferences that will be held in 2022. As known, in 2021, the Platform hosted fifteen conferences which will be annually repeated. These conferences are SPACE International Conference 2022 on Sustainable Architecture, Planning and Urban Design; Architecture, Building and Construction; Architecture and Design Education; Visualisation in Architecture and Urban Planning; Refugee Crisis, Architecture and Urbanism; Gender, Space and Architecture; Cities, Architecture and Cinema; Architectural Culture and Society; Architecture and Literature; Architectural Design and Theory; Arts, Design and Architecture; Architectural History and Theory; Architectural Conservation and Theory; Housing.

We haven’t released information about the venue of the conferences yet, even though we are keen on organising the conferences on-site and online as a hybrid solution that will work for the ones who can attend personally and those who cannot. Still, the decisions on this issue haven’t been taken due to the increasing case numbers of COVID-19 in the UK and worldwide. However, we assure you that we are following the conditions about COVID-19 closely and the announcements about the venue and/or online conference will be done on time. 

In the upcoming days, we will be announcing the Keynote Speakers of the Conferences. We believe that the Conferences will attract participants from all over the world as usual as the Conferences establish ideal platforms for recent advances and research results in architecture, planning, urban design and all interdisciplinary areas such as engineering, education, interior architecture, technology, business, politics, arts, social sciences and so forth. 

SPACE Studies invites researchers, policymakers and social partners to share their knowledge from their fields of expertise according to the topics of the Conferences.

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