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SPACE Studies announces 2019 International Conferences

The Platform announces that there will be six international conferences in 2019. These conferences are decided to be SPACE International Conference 2019 on Sustainable Architecture, Planning and Urban Design; on Architectural History and Theory; on City Planning and Urban Design; on Building and Construction; on Architectural Culture and Society and on Housing.

SPACE Studies informs that by the end of August 2018, all the conferences will be ready for call for papers. The Organisation Committee of SPACE International Conferences reports that they are announcing three new conferences while the other three will be held second time. Thus, they underline that all the conferences SPACE Studies announces are planned to be annually announced in the upcoming years and states that they aim to cover all the areasĀ  in the future including the interdisciplinary studies in and/or related to architecture, planning and urban design in terms of the conferences they organise.

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