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SPACE Independent Academic Platform announces 2020 International Conferences

The platform announces that there will be ten international conferences in 2020. As usual all the conferences will be held in London. On top of the six conferences which have been/will be held in 2019, there are four new conferences decided to be organised.

While the conferences on Sustainable Architecture, Planning and Urban Design; on Architectural Culture and Society and on Housing will be calling for papers third time, the conferences on Building and Construction; on City Planning and Urban Design and on Architectural History and Theory will be released for call for papers second time.

The Platform will organise the conferences on Refugee Crisis, Architecture and Urbanism; on Gender, Space and Architecture; on Architecture and Literature and on Cities, Architecture and Cinema for the very fist time. The Organisation Committee reports that they are very excited as they started to cover various areas that works interdisciplinary with architecture, planning and urban design like literature, cinema and gender studies. Additionally, they states that all the conferences will totally be ready for calling for papers soon.

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