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The New Era at SPACE Studies

As may be known, we are celebrating our 5th year as the Independent Academic Platform, the only one where academics can develop their careers and generate income whilst producing and sharing knowledge with each other and the public. We provide all the tools they require to further their careers on our Platform. These tools include participating in research projects, presenting their research at SPACE conferences and workshops, publishing their papers through SPACE Studies Publications and using our proofreading services.

Since its inception in 2017, SPACE has hosted academics from over 140 universities worldwide. Their participation at our conferences and SPACE Studies publications have been recognised. We have developed partnerships with a variety of institutions and academic networks.

In 2022, we are moving even further to be better!

In this new era at SPACE Studies, you will hear more of our projects in 2022, including sustainability projects, new contributions to the Advisory Board, additional types of publications, courses, lectures, seminars, research opportunities, and funding opportunities for students!

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