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Workshop: Space in Pandemic – 5 April 2022

Join us for this free online workshop and, take your part in the academic research project and its book and exhibition. The workshop coordinators are Pınar Engincan, Elif Süyük and Dr. Gregory Cowan RIBA.
As an academic/researcher, university group or student, this is your last chance to be part of the Research Project: “Space in Pandemic: The Use of Indoor and Outdoor Space during the lockdown in Pandemic”.
Anyone involved in the fields of architecture, urban design, city planning, engineering and social sciences are welcome!
Participation in the one-day online workshop is free and open. First-time attendees are welcome and all participants will be given certificates.
If you attend as Academic/Researcher:
  • You will be able to assess and contribute to project outcomes with your team,
  • You could be creating your future design solutions during the workshop,
  • Get the certificate of attendance,
  • Your final project with your students’ comments could be in the SPACE in Pandemic research project book as a chapter. The chapter will include your university/institute logo, your short CV, the names of your team.
  • Your final project also could be part of the poster presentation which will be held at the Project Exhibition. The Exhibition is going to be held on part of SPACE International Conferences on 22nd of April in Docklands Academy London. See
  • You can be on the list of attendees and take part in our press bulletin, newsletter and SPACE Studies and Space in Pandemic webpage.
If you attend as Student:
  • With participation as an individual student (not part of an academic-led group), your final project will be assessed by the project coordinators and could be in the Project Book and exhibition.
The workshop is a great way to enhance your vision on the current subjects of architecture, urban design and social science. The participants can add their certificates to their CV’s.

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