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E-Proceedings – SPACE International Conferences April 2021

E-Proceedings – SPACE International Conferences April 2021

Format: Pdf / 112 pages

Dimensions: A4 Size

Publication Date: December 2022

Publisher: SPACE Studies Publications

Publication City / Country: London, United Kingdom

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-9162841-8-0





Architectural Design and Theory

The Role of the Scale -Measure-Distance in Achieving Unity in the Iranian Architecture
Mohammad Mansour Falamaki

Age-Gender Inclusiveness in City Centres – A comparative study of Tehran and Belfast
Sanaz Shobeiri

Function – Oriented Occupation of Space; Ankara, Esat Street
Ebru Yücesan, Gizem Büke Öztürk

The Concept of Synthesis in Yugoslav Socialist Society – Synthurbanism of Vjenceslav Richter
Danica Stojiljković

Creating Gender-Neutral Spaces by Architectural Elements
Selen Ilhan, Mehmet Kaplan

Forming City Images from the Perspective of Children
Dicle Zeycan

Could a ‘Provocateur’ Create an Ethical Shift? Social Values of Architecture Versus Patrik Schumacher
Burcin Basyazici, Safak Cudi Ince

Art, Design and Architecture

Spatial Experience of Physical and Virtual Space
Elif Süyük Makakli, Ebru Yüce

Development of Mot-Hom Fabric Patterns Using born-out printing and Embroidery Technologies into Fashion AccessoriesI of Kwanyo Brand
Ravitep Musikapan, Patararin Pongprasit, Natcha Sirikhvunchai

Layered Visions in the Teleorama: Constructing Spaces of Ruination Through an Expanded Drawing Practice
Juliette Losq

Design of Ganja, Thai Chatbot Character
Aran Wanichakorn, Natcha Sirikhvunchai, Kunanya Chanwithee, Yossakrai Saithong, Koraklod Kumsook

Computer Aided Design in Architecture and Urban Planning

The Hybrid High Street Retail Store – an Optimisation Method for Retail Store Conversion to Community Use
Des Fagan

The Modular Back-to-Back House – an Interactive Generative Methodology for the Design of a Lifetime Home
Des Fagan

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