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E-Proceedings – SPACE International Conference 2019 on City Planning and Urban Design

E-Proceedings – SPACE International Conference 2019 on City Planning and Urban Design

Format: E-Book/ PDf – 194 pages
Publication Date: July 2019
Publisher: SPACE Studies Publications
Publication City / Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-9995911-9-9




Traditional vs Modernism: A Comparative Analysis of Aesthetic Spaces Organization – Dr Hourakhsh Ahmad Nia, Dr Rokhsaneh Rahbarianyazd

Functional Restructuring Toward Urban Waterfront Revitalization: The Case of Famagusta, Waterfront – Dr Rokhsaneh Rahbarianyazd, Dr Hourakhsh Ahmad Nia

Urban-Rural Gradient: Deciphering the Semantic Labyrinth – Paola Ortiz, Jan Bogaert 

The Use of Space Syntax in Urban Transportation Planning and Evaluation: Potential and Limits – Chuan Yang, Jing Bie, Jun Lu, Panagiotis Psimoulis

The Role of Affordable Housing in Attaining the Inclusive Urbanization of Afghan Cities; Experience from Actual Project in Kabul City – Osama Hidayat, Yoshitaka Kajita 

Urban Edge Policy Decision-Making in Cape Town, South Africa – Anele Horn

Illegal Brothels: Questions for Gender Equality in the City – Tegan Larin

The Elusive Form of Cities – Lineu Castello

Spatial Integration and Urban Morphology Considering Urban Multiculturalism Pattern: The Case of Al-Wehdat Refugee Camp in Jordan – Hind Alshoubaki, Lucio Zazzara

Waterscape and Historic Urban Landscape Evolution of Mrauk-U, Myanmar – Xihui Wang, Wei Dong

New Methods for the Successful Revitalisation in Poland – Antonio Nevescanin

Community and Burglary: A Spatial Study – Zhong Wang, Jun Lu, Jing Bie, Paolo Beccarelli 

Mapping Al-Ain Urban Public Parks, Investigating the Everyday Informal Practices Influenced by the Park’s Physical Characteristics – Amna Gargoum 

Guidelines for Increasing Social Interaction in High Residential Buildings by Modifying Physical Environment: Case Study of Rafidia, Nablus – Alaa Qawasmi, Zahraa Zawawi, Muhammad Ata Yousof

Testing an Urban Design Theory Using Immersive Virtual Reality Simulation Techniques: Finding the Right D/H Ratio for an Enclosed Urban Square – Seungnam Kim, Jaecheol Kim

Development and application of VR-based walking simulator for Pedestrian Priority Street design – Baek-Chan Kim, Seung-Nam Kim

Applying “Shared Street” Concept to Narrow Streets Without Sidewalk in a Built-Up Urban Area: Pedestrian Priority Street (PPS) Projects in Seoul, Korea – Haeryung Lee, Seung-Nam Kim

Does the street environment influence the pedestrian volume? Empirical findings from Seoul, Korea – Juwon Chung, Seung-nam Kim

Sustainable Construction in Oman: The Potential Role of the Industrialized Building Systems – Mohamed S. Saleh, Chaham Alalouch

Transformation of Neighbourhood Markets – A Catalyst for Place-making – Rekha Bhaskaran

Main-Street Ludic Sociability as Public Space Appropriation and Place-Making in a Lisbon Suburb – Jo.o Pedro Nunes

Activity-Based Spatial Material Flow Analysis – Linking Resource Management to Spatial Planning – Bob Geldermans, Alex Wandl, Cecilia Furlan, Rusne Sileryte, Kozmo Meister, Michelle Steenmeijer, Carolin Bellstedt 

Investigating Social Capital of Furniture Industry Grassroot Economies in Damietta, Egypt – Nourhan Heysham, Hisham Elkadi, Sara Biscaya 

GIS Evaluation of Urban Growth in Zagazig City, Egypt – Ghada Kamar

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